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Banan is an e-leaning system that can be used inside Schools, Universities and Training Centers, with little differences between the 3 systems

we also provide achieving all your requirements with the highest quality, lowest price and fastest time

Banan quality policy

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    This system allows direct interactive among students and instructors through audio, video, e-board, slideshows, and polls, and improves the educational outputs by:

    • Fully support the Arabic Language while ensuring the validity of the used Arabic terms and phrases, in addition to English Language support.

    • Work on the latest version of all popular web-based browsers.

    • Provide the ability to work alone outside the scope of e-learning management system.

    • It should not require to download or install any utilities (if necessary, the system will install automatically).

    • Hold unlimited number of the lectures at once.

    • It should accommodate at least 100 users per session.

    • Full integration with the answer provided.

    • Provide online workshops.

    • Assign the class to more than one instructor at a time.

    • The instructor is able to know the number of attendees.

    • Provide all tools to present perfect virtual classroom (blackboard / writing and drawing tools / writing math equations easily / drawings… etc.).

    • Ability of instructor to provide one of the controls (camera / microphone / using tools) to an attendant.

    • Teamwork (assigning one or all of the controls to one or more persons at the same time to work together).

    • All of the attendance cameras can be viewed or allocated to one or more people through a dedicated screen, with the ability of the instructor or assistant or administrator to switch between the on-screen cameras and the ability to close the cameras completely by the system administrator.

    • Allow public and private chats between the instructor and attendees, with the authority to grant or not to grant special chats between the learners.

    • Provide tools to reproduce the recorded virtual classrooms.

    • Provide the ability to modify and delete the virtual classrooms in all forms by the system administrator.


    Instant messaging tool helps to increase the interaction and the cooperation among the students and instructors by the following features:

    • Facilitate communication through easy access to and communicate with the instructors and learners.

    • Support conversation through means of chatting.

    • Supporting different kinds of connection as person – person or group contact.


    The contractor must provide an electronic notification system that enhances the learning management system’s capabilities so that students and instructors can benefit from it. The following characteristics must be provided in the system:

    • To be able to obtain user contact information from the LMS directly as LMS user can modify his contact information. This feature will enable the Notifications System to send data to the latest available contact information.

    • To be able to give instructors the ability to send messages from the LMS to students and has the ability to send an email (internal or personal).

    • To be able to give students the possibility to receive notifications of courses from e-mail, and to receive these notifications in the event of any addition or update on the course contents, such as adding or updating assignments, exams or panel discussions… etc.

    • To be able to create powers to post news per user or his position in the approved organizational structure.

    • Provide various early alert and notification system that work at all levels of the course or track and even at the level of organizational or administrative structure.

    • Support sending early alerts (notifications) via e-mail.

    • Ability to stop notifications by the beneficiary.


    The Dashboard should contain some options and data to facilitate learner access to all internal data such as:

    • Last and missed exams.

    • Last and missed tasks.

    • learner’s grades.

    • List of the last uploaded files during the lectures.

    • List of the last amendments on the lessons and list of the last lessons.

    • List of the learner’s forums.

    • List of the latest additional virtual classrooms added.

    • Calendar and upcoming events.

    • Some quick reports.

    • Recently accessed courses.

    • Training process through the current lessons.


    The system should be able to integrate with other software such as integration by RESTApi.