Content Management System

The platform provides the ability to identify users’ identities and their powers to edit content.

The platform provides the ability to build powers and roles within the workflow tasks and within administrative and organizational structure to collaborate in creating and editing the content.

The platform provides the ability to track and manage content releases.

The platform provides control over time and date of content publishing.

Managing the gallery and multimedia library (create a gallery and insert sub-collections below).

Control and manage lists (main list and its sub-lists), link the platform’s pages to them, create pages and link them to the lists.

7 The platform provides control over validity of presenting the content (part/whole) to the user based on user’s validity and service’s nature registered to.

Possibility of disseminating a questionnaire or survey from the e-learning management system (LMS) through the platform while storing its results on LMS.

The platform provides control over dissemination of results (questionnaire/survey) through the platform on any of its pages.

The platform provides the ability to create a group of users within a certain group on the main platform or sub-sites, that ensures one and/or all of following roles:
• System Administrator (Administrator account has all administrative authorities and his all memberships powers, and has control over the memberships and powers).
• Supervisor (Supervisor account can handle the system by whole authorities but he doesn’t have administrative authorities).
• Author (Member account of the author who can add courses and update its content).
• instructor (An account has full control over the course but can’t create a course).
• learner (An account can view the courses in which he registered and deal with the available activities).

The platform introduces a screen to manage showing and hiding any component or
content of LMS and related systems inside the platform, and it is visible to only the
registered users at platform or groups level.

The platform offers a link to Google Drive or Drop Box of the user, and it is displayed to
the users within the platform.