Course Design and Management System

Manage education process and course.

Manage groups (ability to allocate a set of content, assessments, assignments,… inside the course ).

Management questionnaires at the level of course, track, organizational unit, or institution as a whole.

The ability to specify the questionnaire at a certain group level inside the same course or an higher organizational level.

Multi choices for questionnaire questions (written, choice… etc.).

The systems contain all basic information for the different courses such as module’s titles, lesson’s subjects, educational objectives of subject and lesson, and all related to the course.

The system allows to manage study fields in the system.

The system allows to assign an instructor or more for the course from users’ list in the system.

The system allows the instructor to choose his assistant in the course.

The system allows you to add several files, folders, and links to course on the Internet with the ability to delete, edit, and set a specific period be made available.

The system allows the instructor to create a page for the most common questions of the course.

The system provides a dedicated area to display the instructor’s data and course plan… etc.