Course’s exam and assessment system

Ability of the instructor to divide learners of the course into groups, and assign different tasks to each group.

The ability to divide the course into objective or temporal modules.

Ability to expose the course components and modules in a time table.

The system allows to create/edit/delete a temporal module and its required data which is (name, date and start & end date).

The system presents the course activities in a time unit (assessments, assignments, course content, resources, lessons and lectures and subjects of the discussion forums).

The system allows to order and link the modules together.

The ability to display the educational components and modules of the course in written so that no module is passed without completion.

The ability to manage pass requirements the linear view, and the pass requirements must be linked with either get specific scores certain activities or only read these activities.

The system allows to modify the name, components, pass requirements of module with the ability to delete it even if the previous modules has been passed and dealt with by any student.

The system allows you to change the course view (educational, objective and time units).

The system allows you to add video content.

The system provides a SCORM browser in the page (besides a separate browser); if the entire course content is installed, it contains a list of content, exit button, navigation buttons, and other browser tools.