Manage assignments/tasks

The ability to add or edit an assignment in the form of reading, exercise, research, homework, writing… etc., and determine its scores and date.

Availability to prepare and publish an assignment in the form of evaluation questions.

The system allows you to determine the assignment’s score, edit the date, delete assignment… etc.

The system allows you to attach any number of files with the assignment or its model answer as per maximum size determined for the assignments folder.

Ability to determine the grace period for delivery delay. The student has the right to edit the assignment and return it before delivery.

The system allows the instructor to check and score the assignments.

The system provides delegation of authorities for others to correct assignments.

The system views a list of learners who have completed the assignment, learner answer date, the learners who have not completed the assignment, and the percentage of who answered the assignment compared to the total number of assigned learners.

The ability to export assignment scores to the student’s records.

The system allows removing the assignment before the effective date.

The system enables assigning a certain assignment to a group of learners with submitting one answer for the whole group, or a group to submit a separate answer to each student in the group.