Management and submission of assessments (tests)

The system allows the instructor to create, edit and delete the question banks.

The ability to view the main and sub question banks in form of a tree, indicating the number of all questions in each sub-bank.

The system should support creating questions in form of:
• Complete.
• Multiple Choice.
• Multi choices.
• Pairing / Matching.
• Arrangement.
• Essay questions.
• True or False.
• Other common questions.

The system handles the performance questions that require the student to perform certain functions on computer.

The system allows writing and entering the questions using Rich Editor.

Ability to transfer the questions from a bank to another or delete.

The system allows filtering questions by (objective, subject, question type, difficulty level).

The system allows to link the question to an educational module/component/element.

Ability to auto correct of assessments, and manual correct of questions that can’t be automatically corrected such as; essay questions, and allowing manual correction of the whole exam.

Ability to add multimedia (pictures and audio file) to a question in the question text or choices.

Ability to classify the question level (easy, normal, difficult, very difficult, challenging)

The system allows importing question from an external source using a QTI criteria.

Ability to export questions XML files using QTI criteria.

The system allows you to create, update, delete exam templates, with different methods to add questions such as:
• Create from scratch.
• Choose from a question bank for the course.
• Choose from a question bank for the instructor.
• Choose from the instructors’ question banks within the same field of study, with the ability to manage permitting and prohibiting.
• Randomly choose from the question bank according to difficulty level, type or subject of the question.
• Specify a score for each question.

The system allows, regarding the exam, to determine the following instructor:
• Score of each question.
• Choose and examine the target group.
• Start and end date of the exam.
• Exam score.
• Correct method (auto or manual).
• View the right and wrong answers after finishing the exam.
• Ability to view answers randomly in order to minimize potential cheat attempts and maintain the exam’s level.
• Number of attempts allowed to the student in the exam.

Add exam instructions for learners before starting the exam.

The system allows you to preview and try the question and exam before introduced to the learners.

The system shall provide the exam in several methods: A printed exam with the availability of print preview; an exam using a computer with all questions in one page or a question in each page, through the safe browser (the safe browser prohibits operating any of applications on the user’s computer during performing the exam, and prevent all copy and paste process).

The assessment management system may integrate with student score system.

Inform the target learners by email (internal and external) when creating a new exam, recording it as an event in the student’s reminder (calendar) and other means of communication.

The system allows to link the question with an educational or subject output.

Questions can be presented to the learners according to the difficulty level.

Ability to edit grades manually.

Export exam’s results to an Excel sheet.

The system presents a list of learners’ assessment results in course.

The system allows the instructor to re-exam the learners, and set a new period for either all learners or certain ones, sending reminders.