Register Management System

The system provides a flexible and robust management for user’s roles and competencies.

The system provides management for users to add, edit, delete (soft delete), and disable (stop).

The system allows you to manage the users and their authorities. In addition, it allows creating new called authorities and provides the appropriate tools.

The system provides management of authorities and tools available for each user through adding or deleting them.

Add any new tool developed or added to the system under the System Tools list for users.

the system allows to deal with all educational and organizational roles in different names with the ability to create new names with limited authorities.

The system allows a visitor (guest) role and it has the student’s features regarding the course in which he can enroll, although he can’t participate in course activities like a student; and not to affect the activation reports of an instructor and platform.

Ability to encrypt users’ passwords.

Ability to variously change user’s passwords.

The system provides a data file for each user that includes his essential data: Name, gender, date of birth, address, personal picture… Etc.; with the ability to edit.

Ability to arrange and export the search results for users.

The system provides different reports of users.